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10/29/09 - The final segment of four, originally recorded on 3/9/2008. Featuring Mr. James Baker, King of Wisconsin's Bay Area and formerly of the band Withdraw!

9/14/08 - The latest episode of the new season (episode 3) is now ready for your listening pleasure. With special guest Mike M. of CH3!

8/19/08 - Episode 2 of the new season is finally here after numerous delays with tours, working, and back problems. Download it now!

4/6/08 - The new season of LFCM begins with a brand new, freshly recorded episode! Now featuring special guests!

1/22/08 - Start the new year right with a new episode. The Cheddar Nines "intervention" episode.

10/17/07 - Just in time for Cheddar Nines' birthday, we finally return with the latest episode!

3/19/07 - A new show has been added. The origin of "Vagina Out"!

1/30/07 - Finally we're back in action with a new (well old but new to you!) show.

9/1/06 - New show added! (I know, I know...)

6/25/06 - Finally a new show added! Sorry for the delay in getting some new shows up here. Hopefully we'll be back on schedule.

5/29/06 - New special emergency broadcast just posted!

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